Types of Animals
animal: (G): zoo-, -zoon
bird: (L): avi-, -avis; (G): -omis, ornitho-
cat: (G): aeluro-, -aelurus; (L): feli-, -felis
caterpillar: (G): -campa, campo-; (L): -eruca, eruci-
cow: (G): boo-, -bus; (L): -bos, bov-
dog: (L): cani-, -canis; (G): cyno-, -cyon
fish: (G): ichthyo-, -ichthys; (L): pisci-, -piscis
fly: (L): -musca, musci-; (G): myi-, -myia
frog: (G): batracho, -batrachus; (G): -phryna, phryno-; (L): -rana, rani-
horse: (L): equi-, -equus; (G): hippo-, -hippus
insect: (G): entomo-; (L): insecti-
leech: (G): -bdella, bdello-; (L): hirudini-, -hirudo
lizard: (L): -lacerta, lacerti-; (G): sauro-, -saurus
man: (G): anthropo-, -anthropus; (L): homini-,-homo
mouse: (L): muri-, -mus; (G): myo-, -mys
pig: (G,: hyo-, -hys; (L): sui-, -sus
reptile: (G): herpeto-
shellfish: (G): concho-, -concha
snake: (L): aspidi-, -aspis; (L>: -coluber, colubri-; (G): ophio-, -ophis
spider: (G): -arachna, arachno-; (L): -aranea, aranei-
turtle: (G): chelono-, -chelys; (G): emydo-, -emys; (L): testudini-, -testudo
worm: (G): -helmins, helmintho—, (L): vermi-, -vermis

Dictionary of word roots and combining forms . . 2013.

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