Direction and Position

above: (G): hyper-; (L): super-, supra
across: (G): dia-; (L): trans-
against: (G): anti-; (L): contra-
apart: (G): dia-; (L): dis-
apex: (G): aero-; (L): apic-
around: (L): ambi-; (L): circum-; (G): peri-
away: (G): apo-
backward: (G): opisth-, opistho-; (G): palin-; (L): retr-, retro-
before: (L): ante-, antero-; (L): pre-; (G): pro-
behind: (G): opistho-; (L): post-, postero-
below: (G): hypo-; (L): infra-
beside: (G): para-
between: (L): inter-; (G): meta-
beyond: (L): ultra-
crosswise: (G): chaism-; (L): decussi-
down: (G): cat-, cata-; (L): de-
eastern: (G): euro-; (L): oriental-
far: (G): tele-
first: (G): archi-, archo-; (L): primi-; (G): protero-, protofront: (L): antero-; (G): proso-; (G): proto-
inner: (G): endo-, ento-
middle: (L): medi-, medio-; (G): meso-
near: (G): anchi-; (G): engy-; (G):para-, (L): proxim-
northern: (L): aquiloni-; (L): arctic-; (L): boreal-; (L): septentrional-
opposite: (G): anti-; (L): contra-; (G);enanti-
outside: (G): ecto-; (G): exo-; (L): extern-
over: (G): hyper-; (L): super-, supra-
second: (G): deutero-; (L): secund-
separate: (G): crino-; (L): divaricat-
side: (L): lateri-, latero-; (G): pleuro-
slanting: (L): declivi-; (G): dochmo-; (G): loxo-; (G): plagio-
southern: (L): austr-, austral-; (L): notial-; (G): noto-
third: (L): terti-; (G): trito-
top: (G): aero-; (L): apici-
under: (G): hypo-; (L): infra-; (L): sub
western: (My): hesperi-; (L): occidental-
within: (G): endo-, ento-, (L): intra -

Dictionary of word roots and combining forms . . 2013.

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