, -o (G). Hanging down, perpendicular

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  • Gelastic — is a term often used in medical terminology to indicate an association of a symptom or syndrome with laughter. The word originates from the Greek gelastikos gelaein , to laugh.Examples include:Gelastic epilepsy or epileptic seizure. The seizures… …   Wikipedia

  • Laughter-induced syncope — is an unusual but recognized form of situational syncope (fainting) likely to have a similar pathophysiological origin to tussive syncope. One case report occurred while watching the television show Seinfeld , and was given the name Seinfeld… …   Wikipedia

  • Samin K. Sharma — Dr. Samin K. Sharma is a U.S. interventional cardiologist holding the American record for the highest number of complex coronary interventions performed annually, along with the highest angioplasty success rate in New York State. [… …   Wikipedia

  • Indocyaningrün — Strukturformel Allgemeines Freiname Indocyaningrün Andere Na …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Embolie de cholestérol — L’embolie de cholestérol est une forme particulière d’embolie artérielle où il y a migration de cristaux de cholestérol, provenant le plus souvent d’une rupture d’une plaque d’athérome vers la distalité de l’arbre artériel. Elle se distingue de… …   Wikipédia en Français

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