one-half: (G): hemi-; (L): semi-
one: (G): mono-; (L): uni-
one and one-half: (L): sesqui-
two: (L): bi-; (G): di-; (L): duo-
double: (G): amphi-, ampho-; (L): duplici-; (G): didymo-; (G): diplo-
three: (L): tri-; (G): tria-, triado-
four: (L): quadri-; (G): tetra-
five: (G): pento-; (L): quinque-
six: (G): hexa-; (L): sex-, sexi-
seven: (G): hepta-; (L): septem-, septen-
eight: (L, G): octo-
nine: (G): ennea-; (L): novem-
ten: (G): deca-; (L): decim-
eleven: (G): hendeca-; (L): undecim-
twelve: (G): dodeca-; (L): duodecim-
one hundred: (L): centi-; (G): hecato-
one thousand: (G): kilo-; (L): milli-
all: (L): omni-; (G): pan-, panto-; (L): toti-
common: (G): coeno-; (L): commun-; (L): vulgar-
equal: (L): equi-; (G): iso-; (L): pari-
empty: (G): ceno-; (L): vacu-; (L): vani-
even-numbered: (G): artio-
few: (G): oligo-; (L): pauci-; (G): pauro-
full: (G): mesto-; (L): pleni-, (G): plero-
many: (L): multi-; (G): myria-; (G): poly-
more: (G): plio-; (L): pluri-
most: (G): pleisto-
odd-numbered: (G): perisso-
part: (G): mero-; (L): parti-
simple: (G): haplo-; (L): simplici-
sin^e: (G): henico-; (G): haplo-
solitary: (G): eremit-, eremo-
unequal: (G): aniso-
very: (G): aga-; (G): ari-; (G): za-
whole: (G): holo-; (L): integri-

Dictionary of word roots and combining forms . . 2013.


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