, -d, -s (G). A fish; a lizard; a bird of prey

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  • OBOLUS — Graece ὀβολὸς, nummi genus minutum. Nomen tulit, quod Atheniensium nummus Ὀβολὸς obelum in cusum ostentaverit: an potius a figura obeli, quam primitus habuit. Ita enim Eustathius in Il. α. Ὀβολὸν σιδήρου ἔλασμά τι ἔλεγον. χῆμα μὲν πῶς ἔχων ὀβολοῦ …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • Chalcus — Chalcus, a Latin word derived from the Greek word χαλκός meaning copper or bronze (plural chalci), may refer to : Dionysius Chalcus, an ancient Athenian poet and orator a Greek copper money (see Ancient Roman units of measurement) Captain… …   Wikipedia

  • SAL — I. SAL Lycophroni Α᾿ιγαιῶνος ἀγνίτης πάγος, a Neptuno, in Tragasi gratiam, conglutinatus fingitur Poetis, teste Polluce l. 6. c. 10. quod si quis de mari intelligat, haud fecerit inepte. Hâe enim ratione Alexander Aetolus, Α῞λα ξυνεῶνα θαλάςςης,… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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