(G). Budding

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  • chloanthite — /kloh an thuyt/, n. Mineral. a nickel rich variety of skutterudite, used as an ore of nickel. [ < Gk chloanth(és) (chlo (s. of chlóe; see CHLOE) + anthes comb. form, akin to ánthos flower) + ITE1] * * * …   Universalium

  • chloanthite — klōˈanˌthīt noun ( s) Etymology: German chloanthit, from Greek chloanthēs budding, pale (from chloos light green color + anthēs blooming, flowered) + German it ite; from its frequent green coating more at glow, anthes : a mineral NiAs …   Useful english dictionary

  • chlo|an|thite — «kloh AN thyt», noun. a native arsenide of nickel, a mineral of white to grayish or black color with a metallic luster. Formula: NiAs2 ╂[< Greek chloanth sprouting < chlón a young green shoot (because of its color) + English ite1] …   Useful english dictionary

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