Animal Activities

breathe: (G): pneumato-, pneumo-
carry: (L): fer-; (G): phoro-
creep: (G): erpet-; (L): rept-, reptili-
cut: (L): sect-; (G): tom-
dance: (G): choreo-
dwell: (L): col-, coli-; (G): -ecetes, -etes; (L): -estr
eat: (G): phago-; (G): tropho-; (L): vor-, vora-
fast: (see swift)
feed: (see eat)
habit: (G): etho-, -ethus
jump: (L): salt-; (L): salien-; (G): scirto-
live: (see dwell)
love: (G): philomotion: (G): cine-, cinemato-, cinet-; (L): moti-
noisy: (L): garrul-; (G): spharago-, (G): stombo-; (L): vocifer-
quick: (G): aeolo-, aeluro-
run: (L): cursor-; (G): dromo-
sing: (G): acheto-
sleep: (L): dorm-; (G): hypno-; (L): somni-; (L): sopor-
slow: (G): brady-; (L): tardi-
eound: (G): -phona, phono-
swift: (L): celeri-; (L): citi-; (G): tachy-; (L): veloci-
swim: (L): nata-, natant-; (G): necto-; (G): pleo-
turn: (G): trop-, tropi-, tropido-
walk: (L): ambulat-; (G): baeno-; (G): bat-; (L): gressor-
wander: (L): peregrin-; (L): vag-, vagan-

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