abode: (see house)
cave: (L): antro-; (L): caverni-; (G): spel-, speleo-; (G): troglo-
depths: (G): batho-, bathy-; (G): bentho-, (G): bysso-; (G): bytho-
dry: (L): arid-; (G): azo-; (G): xero-
dung: (G): bolito-; (G): copro-; (G): scat»-; (G): spatilo-; (L): stereo-
dwell: (L): col-, coli-; (G): -ecetes, -etes; (L): -estr
earth: (G): chamae-; (G): chthono-; (G): geo-
fleld: (L):agri-, agro-; (L): arv-, arvens-; (L): camp-,
campestr-; (L): prat-, prati-
forest: (see woods)
ground: (see earth)
house: (G): eco-
island: (L): insul-, insular-; (G): neso-
lake: (L): lacustr-; (G): limno-
li^it: (L):luci-; (G): photo-
live: (see dwell)
marsh: (G): eleo-, elo-; (G): helo-, heleo-, helod-; (G): limno-; (L): paludi-
meadow: (see field)
mountain: (L): alpestr-, alpin-; (L): mont-, montan-; (G): oreo-
mud: (G): borboro-; (L):limi-; (L): lut-; (G): pelo-
ocean: (see sea)
place: (G): topo-
pond: (L): stagni-; (G): telmato-
river: (L): amni-; (L): flumini-; (L): fluvia-, fluviatil-; (G): potamo-
sand: (G): ammo-; (L): areni-; (G): psammo-
sea: (G): enalio-; (G): halio-; (L): marin-, maritim-, (G): oceano—, (G): pelag-, pelago-; (G): thalasso-
shade: (G): scio-; (L): umbri-
shore: (G): aegialo-; (L): litori-
snow: (G): chiono-; (G): nipho-; (L): nival-
swamp: (see marsh)
thicket: (L): dumi-; (G): lochmo-; (G): thamno-; (G): xylocho-
water: (L): aqua-, aquat-; (G): hydro-; (G):hygro-
woods: (G): drymo-, (L): sylvestr-, sylvi-
alike: (G): homo-, homoeo-, (L): identi-; (L): simili-; (G): tauto-
ancient: (G): archaeo-, (G): palaeo-, palaeonto-
animal: (G): zoo-
different: (G) : hetero-; (L) : vari-
false: (L): falsi-; (G): pseudo-, (L): spuri-
hidden: (G): aphano-, (G): ceutho-; (G): crypto-
life: (G): bio-
man: (G): andro-, (G): anthropo-, (L): homi-, homini-
moisture: (L): humidi—, (G): hygro-
moon: (L): luni-; (G): menado-, meni-; (G): seleni-
new: (G): caeno-; (G): neo-; (L): novi-
old: (see ancient)
night: (L): noct-, nocti-; (G): nyct-
sun: (G): helio-, (L): sol-
time: (G): chrono-, (L): tempor-
true: (G): eleuthero-; (G): eu-; (L): veri
visible: (G): delo-; (G): phanero-, phanto-

Dictionary of word roots and combining forms . . 2013.

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