, -o (G). Regard with reverence; the genitals

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  • aidoi-, aidoio- — The genitals; corresponds to L. pudend . [G. aidoia, shameful things, the genitals] …   Medical dictionary

  • aedeagus — aedeagal, adj. /ee dee euh geuhs/, n., pl. aedeagi / guy , juy /. the phallus of a male insect. Also, aedoeagus. [ < NL < Gk aidoî(a) genitals + agós leader (deriv. of ágein to lead)] * * * …   Universalium

  • ede- — combining form or edeo Etymology: New Latin aedoe , aedoeo , from Greek aidoi & Late Greek aidoio , from Greek aidoia genitals, from neuter plural of aidoios worthy of reverence or compassion, from aidōs reverence, shame; probably akin to Old… …   Useful english dictionary

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