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  • Johnny Collins — (born May 10, 1938) is a London based folk singer specializing in traditional maritime music. Joined the British Army in 1956, where he learned to play the guitar while posted in London. Was posted to Singapore in 1959 where he began performing… …   Wikipedia

  • a|noph|e|les — «uh NOF uh leez», noun, plural les, adjective. –n. any one of a genus of mosquitoes that can transmit the protozoans causing malaria to human beings. –adj. that is or derives from the anopheles: »an anopheles carrier or infection. ╂[< New… …   Useful english dictionary

  • a|noph|e|line — «uh NOF uh lihn, lyn», noun, adjective. = anopheles. (Cf. ↑anopheles) ╂[< anophel(es) + ine1] …   Useful english dictionary

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