(L). Of fields

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  • CAMPESTR — campestris, Campestrum …   Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions

  • Papirius Aelianus — Gneus Papirius Aelianus Aemilius Tuscillus, fue un político romano miembro del Ordo Senatorius y de origen hispano que desarrolló su cursus honorum durante el siglo II, sirviendo a los emperadores Adriano y Antonino Pío, alcanzando el honor del… …   Wikipedia Español

  • campestral — adjective Etymology: Latin campestr , campester, from campus Date: circa 1750 of or relating to fields or open country ; rural …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Vocontii — The Vocontii were a Gallic people living on the east bank of the Rhône. LocationTheir main towns were Lucus Augusti (modern Luc en Diois) and Vasio (modern Vaison la Romaine), but they occupied an extensive territory stretching from Vercors in… …   Wikipedia

  • campestral — /kam pes treuhl/, adj. of or pertaining to fields or open country. [1730 40; < L campestr(is) flat, equiv. to camp(us) field + estris adj. suffix) + AL1] * * * …   Universalium

  • Habltats — abode: (see house) cave: (L): antro ; (L): caverni ; (G): spel , speleo ; (G): troglo depths: (G): batho , bathy ; (G): bentho , (G): bysso ; (G): bytho dry: (L): arid ; (G): azo ; (G): xero dung: (G): bolito ; (G): copro ; (G): scat» ; (G):… …   Dictionary of word roots and combining forms

  • campestral — cam•pes•tral [[t]kæmˈpɛs trəl[/t]] adj. of or pertaining to fields or open country • Etymology: 1730–40; < L campestr(is) flat < campus field …   From formal English to slang

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